Earth Day 2012 Challenge–a success!

2012 MIT Earth Day Challenge Winners

The winners of the 2012 MIT Earth Day Challenge celebrate with their newly awarded green prizes. Pictured from left to right, back row: Michelle Miller, Weiija Zhang, and Gracie Dorneus; front row: Irene Hu, Jennifer Apell, and Niamh Kelly. Photo: Melody Craven

Thanks to all of the participants, sponsors, and organizers who contributed to the first MIT Earth Day Challenge! With 97 participants and 32 Action Projects, the Challenge was a great success. Many turned out at the Earth Day Bash on April 26th to celebrate our collective achievements as well as six winners who received green prizes for earning the most green points during the Challenge. Congratulations to the following winners:

  • 6th Place- Niamh Kelly, Staff, 55 green points
  • 5th Place- Gracie Dorneus, Staff, 70 green points
  • 4th Place- Michelle Miller, Staff, 112 green points
  • 3rd Place- Irene Hu, Student, 126 green points
  • 2nd Place- Weijia Zhang, Staff, 155 green points
  • 1st Place $500 GRAND PRIZE- Jennifer Apell, Student, 188 green points (!)

We appreciate all who provided constructive feedback about this pilot Challenge. We’ll be working during the off-season to make improvements for an even better program next year. Stay tuned for information on the 2013 Earth Day Challenge, and keep up your great working at greening the campus and community in the meantime.

Thanks again for taking action, earning points, and winning prizes!

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